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About Us

Apex Diamond Drilling LTD. is a drilling company based out of Smithers BC, Owned and operated by Bill McIntyre and Bill Wookey. together they have over 60 years of hands on drilling experience, drilling across Canada, Central and South America.

Our Equipment

Apex Drilling uses both Heli and Skid drills, including:

  • 1 Zinex A5 Surface Drill

  • 4 Hydracore 2000 drills

  • A wide range of support equipment necessary to build roads, pads and camps for any job as well as move skid and fly drills

We also have an extensive supply of spare parts at all times to minimize downtime occurrences. 

Environmental and Safety Standards

Apex Drilling holds workplace safety and environmental standards as a top priority at all of our sites to ensure a safe and reliable workplace for our employees and to minimize impact on the environment at every job. Here are some of the operating procedures we currently follow.

  • Drilling Guidelines

  • Take 5 Risk Assessment

  • Safety Manual and Procedures

  • Fatigue Management Plan

  • Spill Response Emergency Procedure

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